About Me

Are you sick of living life on everyone else’s terms but your own?
Are you tired of proving to people that you’re good enough?

What will your life be like in 5 years if you don’t change anything about it today?

If your life seems great on paper, but you feel like sh*t in real life, we need to talk.

The moment I entered my twenties, the answer to this question haunted me day in and day out. My life seemed great on paper. I was studying what I was most passionate about, I had a busy social life with amazing friends, I travelled every month, my career was on track. Materialistically, it looked like I had it all, but secretly I thought “if only one knew.”

I was disconnected from my authentic self, chasing something that I thought would bring me happiness, but it seemed to be doing the absolute opposite. I was going with the flow but it had made me numb.

Hi, I’m Anum, a Personal Development Coach, specialising in a faith-based approach to help you connect to your soul and turn your potential into performance. We all get one shot to make something out of this life that gives us meaning here as well as benefits us long after we’ve transcended to the next. I’m here to help you make yours count!

You would guess finding faith would fix all my problems right?

I was in my twenties when I went for pilgrimage and I realised how disconnected my soul had become. My heart felt lifeless even though it was pumping blood. I was nearly tipping over into darkness. Deep down my consciousness, I made an intention to re-start, re-learn, re-connect.

I had spent my whole life striving to be perfect, and it still wasn’t enough. I was focused on pleasing everyone but myself and my Creator.

Despite my spiritual journey there was something within me that just wasn’t settling. In fact, I learnt that journeying towards God is actually all about stepping out of your comfort zone, confronting your demons, improving yourself. I learnt to be okay feeling depressed while I had faith yet not resolving to stay there forever.


My problem was how I felt about myself. With an inner disconnect, I had prevented myself from receiving love and recognition from God and people.

No two people are the same, just like no two fingerprints are the same.


God has made each individual extra ordinary.

Sometimes it just takes someone to believe in you when you can’t seem to believe in yourself.

Your story matters. Your experience matters.


No one is you and that is your power!

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I realised the difference between living life and existing. I focused on what I believed in rather than what was trending.

And I promised myself I’d help other women do the same.

With that realisation,


My life completely changed. I accepted who I am, why I am here, what our purpose is.


I put the diploma in therapy on hold and trained as a coach instead, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapist, I started my own model of faith-based coaching and I continue to arm myself with more skills and knowledge.


Faith-based Coaching with me is unique because God allowed me to choose a life of Islamic Scholarship. So with an Alimiyyah degree under my belt while being a constant seeker of knowledge, I bring to our sessions evidence-based knowledge of untainted Islam that brings guaranteed success – if Allah wills.

It has been a magic recipe to lasting transformation that I am so determined to share with the world!

I Invite You

to allow the light of faith to be your guiding light, to show you your way forward and your way inward.


Join me at Inaara to experience growth through

Connection and Compassion

“When I first signed up for coaching sessions never did I expect to find someone who would be such a perfect fit for me. Genuinely appreciate the work you do and I am so grateful to God for connecting me with you. Truly He works in ways we could never fathom”

– Z (Therapist)

You Deserve To Shine