Personal Development Coaching

You have something special the world is in need of

Are one of these you?
  • Are your negative thoughts and feelings catching up to you and what once felt bearable now feels unbearable?
  • Do you see yourself finding it hard to say no to people even though you want to say no so bad?
  • Are you overthinking and feeling anxious despite knowing there’s nothing actually wrong to the point that it’s coming in the way of your life?
  • Do you want to say something, or make a decision but you constantly doubt yourself for sounding silly or getting it right?
  • Do you absolutely love your family but catch yourself sometimes resenting them and then you’re hard on yourself for feeling that way?
  • Are you living your life each day as it comes but unsure about what direction you’re going in and what your purpose is?
  • Do you have a long to-do list but at the end of each day you feel unaccomplished and unfulfilled?
Imagine if you could
  • Find the voice to speak up for yourself, set healthy boundaries and learn to say no
  • Replace your anxiety with confidence and self trust in your choices and decisions.
  • Love yourself and care for yourself the way you ache to be loved and cared for
  • Know your self worth and value yourself
  • Live the kind of life you desire without worrying about what other people will think
  • Feel fulfilled, content and satisfied with what you have achieved at the end of every day
  • Have control over your negative thoughts and choose to turn them around
“Your future version is happy you were determined enough today“
What Coaching Practice Includes


I believe the foundation of any healing is compassion and acceptance. I’m here to meet you where you are and facilitate you in going where you want to go.


Self honesty is necessary in this process so that we know what requires attention and healing. I have found the greatest transformations happen in transparent and congruent relationships.

Working with the subconscious

Our subconscious minds drive our actions, thoughts, feelings. They house our long held beliefs and in order to transform, change must begin at a subconscious level.

Inner child healing

Most of our identity is formed by the tender age of seven. Connecting with our inner child increases our self awareness of who we are, our recurring patterns and healing her/him, heals us in the process.

Strengthening your connection with God

When we embody the belief that God created us out of His Mercy and that the experiences are there to pull us towards Him, to grow and to strengthen us, we are able to forgive ourselves and others around us. Healing happens through love and there’s no greater love on this earth than the love He has for us, so imagine the healing if it’s through His love?

Ready to invest in yourself?

What you can expect inside our session
  • Coaching is a process that allows you to go from where you are to where you want to be and this can be regarding any aspect of your internal or external life.
  • It’s important to remember that what you want to achieve or who you want to be is a result and that every result has a process. When we don’t know what the process is, we don’t get the results.
  • Our coaching sessions are designed to help you figure out the process, support you and hold you accountable on the way. Each person is unique and requires a unique process.
  • Our sessions will be tailor made to you and your result. Through the compatibility call you can discover what the best process for you would look like.
What you can expect outside our session
  • Assigned tasks related to your goals for the time between our sessions
  • Direct contact with me outside of our sessions via email or voicenote
  • Reading material and video content when necessary
  • Accountability about tasks and if for some reason you don’t do the assigned tasks, we will go over what’s coming in the way for you so at no point you’re left uncared for
Sessions Structure and
Price Information

Coaching sessions are conducted via zoom, phone or in person depending on location. A four-month commitment is strongly recommended up front for the most growth.

Our coach works only with clients who are committed to showing up 100% for each session, willing to break out of their comfort zone and explore the uncomfortable and are ready to be held accountable for tasks between sessions.

The total investment for your bespoke, Transformative Coaching Program will be discussed during your compatibility call.

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