I had the privilege of being Anum’s first client. I found her to be very empathetic, balanced and very easy to talk to. She really helped me see a new perspective to whatever situation I would discuss with her. I got clarity after each session and left feeling lighter and more motivated!


I started coaching sessions with Anum because I recognised that there were certain things I was struggling with which I wasn’t able to address with just therapy. I had prior experience with coaching and had seen the effects it can have on you, which to me still feel like magic. Its interesting to see how tapping into the mind in such a way can effect you positively and move you further towards your goals.

I learned about how powerful my unconscious mind is, and how to utilise that strength to reach what I wish to achieve and live in terms of my purpose. It also helped me see new resourceful perspectives, as well as recognise the resources that already exist within me that facilitate my growth.Anum is able to make you feel safe and comfortable within the session. When working with her on different topics, it feels like you’re being guided but have the autonomy to do as you feel. She also provides a variety of perspectives on things which doesn’t limit how one can view situations.

I believe personal development is super important because life is all about moving forward. Personal development makes room for satisfaction with one self, and a higher self-awareness helps us live and do things the way we want too and feel confident in doing. Linking that with faith and spirituality makes the development feel more integrated and whole.


I discovered Anum at a point in my life when I lacked work-life balance, and the time to map out my goals, hone in on self-discovery and define my vision for life – both personally and professionally. I worked with Anum for over 2 months, and she has an innate ability to gather the sufficient information needed to identify gaps, get to the crux of the matter, and ask excellent probing questions that make one think and connect the dots for themselves.

Anum meets you where you are at, is an excellent listener and makes you feel seen and heard.As a first-time coachee, she made me feel comfortable by listening judgment free and built a sense of trust right from the beginning.

Anum is kind, calm, and down-to-earth, and leads every session with a positive energy. She prepares meticulously with her notes prior to and after each session, in order to make the best use of our time. Her follow-ups on action items and memory of my experiences shared with her from the previous sessions each time is a testament of her commitment to her work – her clients reaching their goals is as important to her, as it is to the clients.

Coaching with her feels like a shared project that we are working on together, with an expert that has your best interest.

I value Anum’s deep knowledge and sincere integrity, and the learnings gained from her during the sessions extends far beyond.

With her coaching, amongst many other learnings, I was able to: create personal and professional growth plans; identify limiting beliefs; understand my core needs, build a plan of action to achieve goals, and through this process – also learnt the importance of being kinder to myself.

Anum is also equipped with exercises and relevant strategies as experiential learning to drive home the insights gained from our sessions together As a result of her extensive background in Islamic teachings, and knowledge as a timeline therapist (in addition to her role as a coach), each session is tailored, valuable and unique – a blend of deen and dunya, both – and this has been remarkable. I’m lucky to have found a coach in Anum, and to know that I can always reach out to her for further sessions in the future.
Coaching is a gift that keeps giving!”


From past few weeks I was soo distressed and I had so many questions needed to be answered and I was just thinking to contact any counsellor or therapist or any person who has some knowledge about psychological issues and who can give me satisfying answers but one of the main thing was she also have knowledge of our deen Islam so that I could become even more closer to Allah! Soo I was just wondering this and in my thoughts I was just scrolling insta and I come across your page join inara I read your posts and I was like this is someone who can understand me and help me answer my questions and Alhamdulillah you by the grace of Allah fulfill all my expectations. You not only just provide me with my answers but also create an insight in me which can help me in future as well

Jazakillah for being there for me and taking out time for mee May Allah reward you with the best❤️

And make you from the people He loves❤️jazakillahu khairan katheera ❤️


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